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New Series ‘Luxury Lifestyles’ Features Southern California Dream Homes

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Ernie Carswell and Christopher Damon

There are plenty of reality shows concerning real estate these days, and I’ve always steered clear when asked to participate because I’ve never found much ‘reality’ in them. My daily professional routine is more dramatic, more somber and more challenging than any of those shows ever demonstrate. Plus, it’s completely professional and always based on my client’s best interest —not mine.

Now, I’ve been asked to participate in a show that reveals reality—but doesn’t try to dramatize or falsify it.  That show is called Luxury Lifestyles, and it premiers March 6th on Channel 13 KCOP in the southern California region. This show is simply a visit to some of our area’s most luxurious and interesting homes. Along the way, you meet professional real estate agents touring the properties and being themselves.

I invite you to tune in. My episode features a listing I represent in Laguna Beach within an elite gated community on a private oceanfront cove. I promise you will enjoy all it offers.



Written by Ernie Carswell

February 26, 2011 at 7:19 am

Posted in Media

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