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Ernie in Summer Edition of LA Confidential

confessions of a power broker


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June 5, 2012 at 11:12 am

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Carswell quoted a number of times

Celebrity homes for sale

By Lauren Beale, Los Angeles TimesMay 19, 2012, 8:12 p.m.
Their internationally recognized names sell music and movie tickets. They promote perfumes and presidents. But when it comes to selling their own houses, celebrities often find that their cachet doesn’t pull in the cash.Actors Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russellhaven’t found a buyer for their Malibu beach house, which comes with a raft of celeb-friendly amenities including a covered outdoor living room, a spa-like bath retreat and a meditation room. So the couple have nipped $3.5 million from last year’s price, listing the Balinese-influenced oceanfront spread at $11.2 million.Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne managed to sell their Malibu place for $7.925 million — nearly 21% off the original asking price. But the Architectural Digest-worthy Hidden Hills mansion owned by the first couple of hard rock has had no taker since it was listed last year at almost $13 million.Actress Meg Ryanhas put her Bel-Air manse back on the market at $11.4 million — a 42% price chop from its 2008 listing.Although the masses respond to rock-star branding, housing is too expensive for celebrity ownership to make a measurable dollar difference, said Elizabeth Currid-Halkett, author of “Starstruck: The Business of Celebrity” and an associate professor at the USC School of Policy, Planning and Development.

“This is different than buying a sports drink because Tiger Woods endorsed it,” Currid-Halkett said. Home value is too complicated, she said, with lots of variables: the season, the location, the quality of the home.

“In the art world, there is this notion of provenance — that who owns something can detract or add to the value,” Currid-Halkett said. “But it does not seem to translate to celebrity homes.”

Having a big-name seller certainly draws attention to a home listing and can speed up the process.

The Los Feliz home of singer Katy Perry and actor Russell Brand went into escrow last summer nine days after it appeared on the Multiple Listing Service.

“I immediately had people knocking on the door,” said Ernie Carswell, a founding partner at Teles Properties.

The Perry and Brand names increased the number of views online, and the word among agents spread more quickly, shortening the sales time, Carswell said.

The intense interest failed to pump up the price, though. The gated 1920s home sold for $3.3 million — about 3% shy of the asking price.

The value of a house has more to do with the individual stamp the person puts on the property, real estate experts say, than a famous autograph on the sales contract.

“Typically what adds the value is what they do to the home,” said Ellen Galeski, owner of Appraisals by Ashby, a Los Angeles company with about a dozen appraisers and a history of working with celebrity clientele.

The homes of stars are often redone by designers who have fabrics made for the draperies, use time-consuming methods such as Venetian painting or travel abroad to select the marble, she said. “One brought in painters from Italy to do murals, and they spent a month on it.”

When actress Jennifer Aniston put her 10,000-square-foot house in Beverly Hills on the market at $42 million last year, she turned the heads of even seasoned real estate professionals.

“Every agent in town wanted to go see it,” Carswell said.

Although Aniston didn’t get that initial asking price, the $35 million paid by Pacific Investment Management Co. co-founder and billionaire Bill Gross caused a collective intake of breath in the local real estate community.

Aniston is not only a highly visible actress but she is also known to have impeccable taste in home furnishings and design, said Drew Mandile, a real estate agent with Sotheby’s.

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Written by Ernie Carswell

May 20, 2012 at 6:14 pm

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Clip of Ernie Carswell with Christopher Damon in Luxury Lifestyles Premier

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For the southern California audience, a new TV show premiers tomorrow on KCOP, channel 13 at 11am, named Luxury Lifestyles, and I’ll be hosting viewers to a visual treat inside my Laguna Beach estate listing, priced at $ 18.8 million.  The show mixes humor with real estate, giving the viewer the realistic feeling they are actually walking the property with us. I hope you’ll be able to tune in, or, for your convenience I’ve attached the 4-5 min clip of my tour from the show here.  Ernie

Written by Ernie Carswell

March 5, 2011 at 6:22 pm

New Series ‘Luxury Lifestyles’ Features Southern California Dream Homes

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Ernie Carswell and Christopher Damon

There are plenty of reality shows concerning real estate these days, and I’ve always steered clear when asked to participate because I’ve never found much ‘reality’ in them. My daily professional routine is more dramatic, more somber and more challenging than any of those shows ever demonstrate. Plus, it’s completely professional and always based on my client’s best interest —not mine.

Now, I’ve been asked to participate in a show that reveals reality—but doesn’t try to dramatize or falsify it.  That show is called Luxury Lifestyles, and it premiers March 6th on Channel 13 KCOP in the southern California region. This show is simply a visit to some of our area’s most luxurious and interesting homes. Along the way, you meet professional real estate agents touring the properties and being themselves.

I invite you to tune in. My episode features a listing I represent in Laguna Beach within an elite gated community on a private oceanfront cove. I promise you will enjoy all it offers.


Written by Ernie Carswell

February 26, 2011 at 7:19 am

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Season’s Givings, revisited

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Dec. 11, 2010 | Molly Peterson

A few years back, before our intrepid Kitty Felde relocated herself to DC, we’d profile volunteer opportunities of various kinds that Angelenos could take advantage of.

We all pretended to think of it as a pain in the ass. But our little Grinch hearts grew three sizes each time we talked to people who actually volunteered and gave of their time – even as we struggled to figure out whether doing stories on this stuff is a conflict of interest.

Comes news that seems economically relevant this year. A friend who works for Teles Properties – a real estate company – says the traditional company party is off this year. Instead, Teles realtors are going to do some Heal the Bay volunteering: they’re meeting for a 2 1/2 hour cleanup – Heal the Bay traditionally does a little edjumacation at the beginning of that, about beach trash and urban coastal issues (at least if KPCC’s own sessions are any guide).

To see full story:  89.3 KPCC | Southern California Public Radio | Season\’s Givings, revisited

Written by Ernie Carswell

December 15, 2010 at 7:37 am

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Cover of Classic Properties International

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Ernie’s listings are featured on the cover and inside pages.

Classic Properties International Digital Edition

Written by Ernie Carswell

November 26, 2010 at 10:50 am

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Ernie Carswell’s Rebuttal Regarding Market Drop

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Carswell says, “As the economy and the real estate markets continue to change, the nuances between different areas and different neighborhoods are becoming increasingly magnified. One neighborhood may show a sales increase, while another neighborhood just blocks away may be experiencing a dramatic drop in sales from the previous year…”

See full article at WalletPop

Written by Ernie Carswell

August 25, 2010 at 7:47 am

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